Fork Saver
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Fork Saver

৳ 1,450.00


  • Lightweight fork saver made of high grade aluminum
  • Creates a rigid fork by placing between the front tire and front fender
  • Relieves excessive pressure on the fork seals and fork spring during transportation
  • Unique arched design that keeps Fork Saver in place by holding onto tire knobbies
  • Rubber top grips fender bolts to hold in place
  • Fork compression is decreased by 50%
  • Greatly increases fork seal life
  • Keeps constant tension on tie down straps during transportation
  • Eliminates bike movement due to forks compressing
  • Tie downs won’t come unhooked
  • Can adjust to four different lengths fitting most minis to full-size dirt bikes
  • Will not rust
  • Aluminum


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